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Langosta Vintage Studio. Most fashion second hand concept!

Langosta Vintage Studio. Most fashion second hand concept!

Gabriela Alvarado Villegas is the creator of the concept Langosta Vintage Studio. C/ Canalejas 26, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

She spent years in Madrid coordinating jobs and stilism projects and figurism for cinema, fashion and theatre, she was a shop employee of many companies until she found the second -hand possibilities. 

After working for important franchises of second-hand clothes she could notice the amount of clothes that were throwing away. Tons of clothes which are not converted into second-hand producto will become residues.

It was mind blowing for her. 

Is not mandatory to produce and keep polluting the environment, the vintage clothes have got better qualities than those that are produced nowadays. There swed from the inside to the outside so the perdure in time.

The capacity of vintage to the industry of the aesthetic is focused on quality, nostalgia and their inner balance is something that makes you want to be a part of that world.

She has always been considered a loyal collectionist and supporter of vintage fashion, but knowing its world changed her life.

Langosta offers clothes and vintage objects selected individually for its original characteristics in history and design. 

Why Langosta?

Is the name of the dress in spanish which connects three different historical characters: Elsa Schiaparelli, Dalí and Wallis Simpson. Elsa y Dalí, both surrealist artists and good friends, created this wonderful dress. Schiaparelli confectionated the design and Dalí painted the lobster, an animal who he has used several times before. The polemical Duchess of Windsor, Wallis, was the person selected to wear it. 

Future Projects:

After this enthusiasm for moisture’s smell and to fulfill wardrobes with clothes and pieces of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. A passion for growing the business is arasing in her. The next objective is to develop a cloth renting service, personal assesoration and new projects of figurism for visual productions, marketing, fashion editorials and other artistic projects..

They are direct collaborators of the Institute of Cinema of the Canary islands

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