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By Ana Fernández

This is the story of Polonia. A Club founded to make Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a capital of pride and value. 

Since 1940 this place has been visited by many football players who could play in the regional leagues and professional boxers. Nowadays, they are still working, with a gym whose walls ooze passion and who has been taking care of those who have needed them. 

The leader of this iconical gym, a professional boxer, Cristian “Sicario” Pérez is training all day without a break for a couple of pennies, but full of satisfaction and a feeling of a job well done. A needed social labour in a marvellous district which has been abandoned by institutional support. Cristian is a personal trainer, a professional athlete and a grateful being.

The cantine is led by Yurena, a strong woman with a smile that lights all the locations. A cantine where to consume with really cheap prices, a place where those with economical problems assist to eat. Yurena prepares every Sunday “sancocho” and “paella” and during the Eurocup she decided to serve beer for 50 cts if Spain was still classified.

Yurena and Cristian don’t know it, but they are a public service, they do social work, a labour that this district really needs. 

In the sports facilities there is a room full of pots, pans and paelleras so if a neighbor needs it for a party or a celebration.

Polonia needs help… 

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…Polonia needs a subsidy to improve their facilities and to help the forgotten neighbors of El Risco to avoid demons who are chasing their streets.

Wonderful Risco de San Nicolás.