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Rock & Roll and its rebellion will never die thanks to bands like The Cassavetes

Rock & Roll and its rebellion will never die thanks to bands like The Cassavetes


…And it doesn’t matter to talk about the new EP of The Cassavetes.

And I feel like a weird toy who is talking about the rose tattoo between its arms. A new and different sound artifact which anyone who loves Rock&Roll should listen to.

Cities and pubs are struggling to schedule gigs and emotions. That’s why this album was made.

I’m sick, and nights can be cured with music like this. I’m sick and I need live music.

This new four songs EP pretends to be what it actually is. A classic, Here we go…

The EP opens up with a statement of principles, OUT OF THREE. It smells like a vintage riff, like a huge stage. It sounds like the notes from Walk This Way were played backwards, it expresses the good taste and love for music. Francis, Jesús and Fran back up Rubén, as always, certain and smooth, almost insurmountable.

And it follows what I was talking about before, LONE STAR, an anthem for the noblest saloon that a city can have (now with no concerts). It’s an anthem for friendship.

Leading this song, alongside Rubén Hernández, the new talent Yeray López is on the keys of the sound. Just right on the point!

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And three, the third song, HUSBANDS, I’m not a huge fan of reading the chronicles of an album song by song. But this melody… Oh man!… This melody is demolishing!… It tells us the same story of Cassavetes and Christian Bormann, like the very first time, the lyrics are hugging us!

And, suddenly, everything inside of you is written and put together over and over again, those stories and those melodies.

Eugenio Cruz, april 2021