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Belén A. Doreste, give a new shape to her project, LAJALADA with her new album “DMÑNN”

Belén A. Doreste, give a new shape to her project, LAJALADA with her new album “DMÑNN”

The canary singer and composer Belén A. Doreste, give a new shape to her new project LAJALADA, a new dimension of her late project Bel Bee Bee which makes her into the famous awards Demoscópicas Mondosonoro, Capital Sonora, Lo Más Crujiente and the Bass Camp from Red Bull in Madrid, award which made her sign the album “Still Unstirred”, produced by Emilio and Suso Sáiz.

Lajalada is an adventure more electronic than her old music experience, which songs and compositions are written in english and spanish.

She has her first show in 2018 in the cycle of concerts of Autoras in the Alfredo Kraus Music House, she has participated in Festival Cero, Monopol Music Festival, Hero Fest, Sonidos Líquidos, Phé Festival and some others…

After being in many stages and rebuilt her own music and songs, she is now in 2021 showing her new and first album: “DMÑNNS” (demañananosé).

This album is a sign of getting out of the pit and to pull out many stories that couldn’t be told before, stories that set up a new music path.

This album counts with Kquimi Saigi’s (BCN) music production, and the mixing and mastering are on the hands of Arnau Figueres (BCN).

DMÑNNS is the title of the album and the name of a chapter, the originality and the good intentions will be made music and vision: a simple creative process with simple tools which is trying to make a difference caring about the music, aesthetics and visuals which will be put together alongside the 10 tracks of the album.

It’s pop, it’s electronic music, it’s sweet, it’s magic…

A warm voice has grown up, but keeps the childish vision of an oniric and naughty existence.

We love it, and we can’t wait to see her on the stages soon.


Octavio Limiñana Oliva: Electric Guitar

Ner Suárez: Mandolina, Acoustic Guitar.

Francisco Navarro y Arnau Figueres: Drums.

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Alberto Rodríguez: Chira’s Guitar y distorted bass guitar.

Belén Á. Doreste: keys, synths, electronic drums, bass guitar and voice.

Kquimi Saigi: keys (post production)


ART DESIGNS: Cayetana H Cuyás

PHOTOGRAPHY: Solecker HR (Carolina Hernández)

Video Las tiritas