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Insula Signa: Signs Alive

Insula Signa: Signs Alive

Insula Signa: Signs Alive
Association in defense of the Canary Graphic Heritage

Labeling is an aspect of the urban landscape unnoticed by the most eyes even when it exists day to day in our lives.

A label can be seen when it’s bizarre or striking and when it breaks the daily armony of the environment. There exists a group of people in the Canary Islands with a trained sight to detect the beauty and the own interest of this art: from this passion surged Insula Signa.

Insula Signa iis is constituted as the first Association in defense of the Canary Graphic Heritage with five pillars: to keep record, to protect and to save those signs, labels or commercial graphics that, due to its own aesthetics, historic or ethnographic value, they deserve to be exposed.

In times of globalisation and franchises, times when the cities are all the same, the labels from small businesses give personality to the urban environment and they show our own costumes and the history of our own development. Insula Signa tries to rescue and to save these elements, because they think their loss or deterioration is related to our own identity.

The Association has a clear informative mission. Especially in their own social networks and the blog “Letreros Periféricos”.

Labeling can’t be saved without information given to the people of why it has to be saved. The Association tries to explain why the signs are different or singular, who made them and why and how they make a difference in our urban landscapes. Graphic Heritage is our heritage and Insula Signa faces the activity of showing them to achieve a real knowledge of our own cities and villages and to highlight the importance of our identity and collective memory behind the stories told by these labels.

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Insula Signa is integrated in the Iberian Net of Graphic Heritage Defense, which was not established in the islands before.

People who want to be part of this Association or want to collaborate somehow like advertising a particular sign, can solve their questions in the web

In addition, in the Instagram profile @insula_signa or the Facebook group “La rotulación en Canarias”, you can know better the labour and the passion of this Association.