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EmbarradArt, to create daily art

EmbarradArt, to create daily art

LPottery came to Bárbara’s life when she was studying and finding something else where to develop her creativity. She liked pottery so much she decided to leave everything else to get into this new unknown world. She’s been self-taught and proud of evolving into a new face.

Nowadays she lives entirely making what she loves, she told us.

She’s trying to sell her own pieces, she is making personalized objects and performing workshops where her alumnus enjoy creating their own pieces. Her designs are unique and she loves the world of creating and to spread this marvelous practice with her public.

EmbarradArt is a craft brand of pottery, made exclusively to be enjoyed.

Bárbara explains us: 

´´I do believe in creating objects with special skills, not making valueless pots which are going to be forgotten in time. I tell my students to live slowly, to take care of every detail, to abandon that disposable philosophy and to own pretty objects to watch and to touch. So that’s how I made my own pieces of art; made for being admired, to decorate your own home with candles, to add a fancy touch to your cutlery and to enjoy your coffee every day with a self-made cup”.

Creation of ceramic pieces is a complex process where you must be concerned with every detail and you must be compromised with the final result, you must feel love with your own creation.

She feels thankful when she takes any piece to her own home, she lives this with a deep feeling of ilusión.

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