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Essenah Gallery combines decor and graphic designs

Essenah Gallery combines decor and graphic designs

A canary project which borns from the mixed of two passions: decor and graphic design.

Imagined by the local artists Gazmira Brito and Atamán Romero, it is presented as an innovative on-line store of decorative laminates focused on inside decor, where tradition and modernity shakes hand into a space full of originality, innovation and a distinctive original character.

In their work you may find a continuous evolution on illustration, in addition there are always an improvement on minimalism and variety of styles, the nearest influences can be easily noticeable. In particular, nature, arquitectura, landscapes and, finally, the culture and traditions related to the canary roots, leaving space to the most demanded characteristic: la Canariedad.

Similarly, one of the main purposes are to be a supporting and reference place for any other graphic designers, a space where to have the opportunity to share their own work.

In such a way, this online portal is also a meeting point between those who need some quality-affordable artworks to decorate their own places and a space where artists are able to share their own masterpieces to the public.

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