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Gab Bois: Disembodiment of life through art

Gab Bois: Disembodiment of life through art

The visual artist Gab Bois is the last sensation who has conquered the social networks. Borned in Montreal, this young Canadian artist of 23 years old saw how her followers increased during the highest point of the global pandemic in 2020. 


Her peculiarity?

Close-up portraits of regular objects which cause a funny and a discomfort feeling out of the canons of beauty and luxury.

Ex art student, she spent two years of the Art School  before deciding to chase her dream in a less structured environment, Gab Bols tries to portray that entertaining side of the day-to-day things intervening in objects you may find daily (with an obsession with brands and logos) even using her own body.

With more than a half million subscribers on Instagram, the young artist didn’t expect that enthusiasm for her own pictures.

“I see my Instagram as a kind of a “mood table”, is a way of expressing my thoughts on pictures”, she likes to tell during the interviews.

There is something fascinating and disturbing in Gab Bois’ productions. If you are a follower of her Instagram you may notice it.

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If you do and you want to know more about this artist, you may find her on Instagram as @gabbois or on her web: