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Friendship is sharing. We give you the July magazine

Friendship is sharing. We give you the July magazine

We present you magazine number 107, July 2022, with the most interesting cultural events and news so that you can take advantage of your free time with a lot of Art and Culture.

This month of full summer, vacations, popular festivals and good weather, we mark with capital letters the day


The word friendship comes from the Latin amicĭtas, amicitātis, which is derived from amicitĭa, which means ‘friendship’. This, in turn, comes from amīcus, which translates ‘friend’. This last term, for its part, comes from the verb amāre, which means ‘to love’.

Friendships enrich your life and improve health.

Adults with strong social relationships have a lower risk of major health problems, such as depression, high blood pressure, and an unhealthy body mass index. In fact, according to studies, older adults who form valuable relationships and have social support are more likely to live longer than their peers with fewer social ties.

 “It is not so much the help of our friends that helps us, but the confidence of their help” (Epicurus)

In these summer times, beaches, walks in the sun, terraces and outdoor events, we suggest you take advantage of your friends, invite them, call them, go out, live, in short.

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There is nothing more rewarding than sharing experiences, art, culture, gastronomy…

And for that we are here, to help you choose the best plans to enjoy your free time accompanied by your friends.

Long live life and shared friendship!