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Isleño Hats a brand which creates tendency

Isleño Hats a brand which creates tendency

Helen Jiménez told us about transforming her business idea into a hat maker company.

She ended her last job contract for a rest, she was planning to return to the workplace after a few months but afterwards the lockdown in Spain started and the world stopped.

She has always been in love with hats, she realised how incredible it would be to show the craft of making them and to make her own creations at home. 

At this point, she realised that in the Canary Islands this craft was obsolete but she learned a new passion.Self-taught and formed in Madrid with a master hatter. She made a lot of mistakes but a year after Isleño Hats got borned.

Isleño Hats, the brand.

In the XVIII century, plenty of canary families moved out to America and founded San Antonio, in Texas. Many others settled down in New Orleans, Louisiana, and until these days they are known as “Islanders”.

Helen is from the Canary Island, she is an islander.

She believes in community values, in the canary strength, and their capacity of readapting and enduring.

Isleños are hats 100% made by hand.

The raw material, “capelina” , is 100% merino wool.

The 80% used are recycled materials. Most of them are dressed with feathers.

They don’t have leather or any fabric lining inside or outside the body of the hat. Instead, grosgrain is being used for that.

This provoques a cost reduction and time of making the hat, which creates a single hat and is affordable to the main public.

Helen’s inspiration resides in American native culture, the aesthetics of old school, Victorian epoque, classic cinema, rockabilly, rock and roll and southern rock music…

Each “Isleño” has its own soundtrack