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Nano Barbero: Rock and Roll’s Art, from Canary Island to the World

Nano Barbero: Rock and Roll’s Art, from Canary Island to the World

Nano Barbero began to work as a apprentice in an art studio and graphic design in 1986 in the old fashion ways: repromaster, letraset, everything handmade.He reminds the menus from the restaurant sticking each letter on the list, using colors to separate the words and using mechanic frames to include coloring paintings and draws. 

He was so lucky to live during the transitions from the analog to digital design, he managed to learn how to use the specific programs when no one really knew the possibilities of them, learning with no teacher or video tutorials.

He’s always loved to draw but it wasn’t only a hobby, he’s been using his skills to find new ways of promoting his jobs in marketing and design.

He was working in those areas for 7 years until he decided to follow his own way alone.

After a year working as a freelancer, he was called by an important company and he only last for a year working there. It was monotonous for their hunger of experimenting and developing his own projects, his own work became his passion.

He specialised in branding, he has made countless logos.

He is self-taught and he has developed everything he learned in his past jobs, he has no time to draw so he tries to do it whenever he has time.

He’s been influenced by music, movies and videogames, influences that are still in his blogs and web pages, You may find a share of his own art, illustrations and sketches. Everything is first drawn, scannered and passed to a digital platform.

He is detailed, professional and amazing in the details that made him the best professional in his field.

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He’s the hand behind the illustrations and the brand of the Big Bang Vintage Festival that La Brújula ocio y cultura coordinates every year in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

During the festivals he has shown his own bikini brand with his own designs and also a rockabilly video game and he is also a regular selector in the festival.

As he always says: Keep on Rockin’!