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GRECCO, meet the musician who has carried his guitar from Poland

GRECCO, meet the musician who has carried his guitar from Poland

The beginnings of his artistic career were in the 80’s in his homeland, Poland. He participated as a guitarist in several projects participating in many festivals.

In the 90’s he began to create his own creative world, full of nuances.

In 2000 he left for Spain and since then, after spending a season fighting for integration in an unknown country, he dared to create songs in Spanish. For a decade he accumulated the necessary material to release his first album entitled  ́ ́Ojos Abiertos ́ ́.

Then he worked for a season as Road Manager in the company of Antonio Canales in Seville.

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And for 15 years he has lived in the Canary Islands. He has promoted the album in Madrid and performed in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

Last 2021 he released his second full-length with an enigmatic title ´´6/ 6+3´´, a kind of summary of his work during the last decade.

The disc contains songs in Spanish, Polish, an instrumental and three recorded live, a total of 15 songs.
The songs were recorded in various places. Most of them are in Gran Canaria, in the Proyectos Musicales studio in Telde. Also in Cádiz, Wroclaw, Opole and Warsaw.

Various Canarian artists such as Elio Moreno, Idaria Suarez, Jasi Santana and foreign musicians such as Anthony Agenot and Krystof Lecian participated in this album.

The album cover is a canvas made by the Canarian painter Saro Armas Estévez and the remastering made by Alfonso Soto Montesdoca.
Grecco is a warrior and a bit of a rebel, always with music as a weapon of the soul, which is the perfect background that he reflects and transmits in his works. It tells stories that have happened, or could have happened, true stories…

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