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LOVEHUNTER arrived with their own classic hard rock sound

LOVEHUNTER arrived with their own classic hard rock sound

Lovehunter is a band from the Canary Islands with many influences from those groups that bet on a hard Hard Rock full of party, but without abandoning a badass point, such as Skid Row, Extreme, Warrant, Buckcherry or Hardcore Superstar.

They have recorded four songs that they will be publishing in the coming weeks/months.

As a first advance they present “Alergia al Amor”.

In 2017, without a stable formation, Lovehunter began to form a band that at the end of that same year had Iván on guitar, Dani on bass and Sergio on drums, who since then have formed the basis of the group.

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From the first rehearsals, the band intends to adapt the best eighties hard rock to today’s times, with the influence of classic heavy metal and all the strength of the most street punk.
After several line-up changes, in 2020 Lovehunter Armando joined as guitarist and Jonay as singer, who have remained part of the band ever since.

With that formation they recorded their first four songs in Las Palmas and remastered them at the Obi-One studios in Madrid while preparing their first live performances and working on new compositions.


Jonay – Voz
Armando – Guitarra
Iván – Guitarra
Dani – Bajo
Sergio – Batería

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