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We are still betting on Canary Islands’ culture, this time we’re opening our world to our favourite Gran Canaria’s artists.

We introduce you to 4 music projects from the islands made of SOUL, ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, COUNTRY, PSYCHEDELIA and INDIE.

If you need a professional band or artists for your next festival, event or any celebration, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A safe bet on a band which are currently taking off in the canary music scene!

We are currently working on conquering the mainland!


  • Luis Guijarro · Singer and rythm guitar
  • Borja Viera · Lead guitar
  • Miguel Barea · Keyboard
  • Raquel Magaldi ·Bass Guitar 
  • Danilo Orihuela · Drums

They were known previously as The Olrait Band, a band of blues and rock music from Gran Canaria.

Their own style is influenced on the basis of the blues and the soul music, but they also add some psychedelic nuances which are influenced by 70’s music. PURE ROOT MUSIC!

They’ve played in International festivals such as:

WOMAD LPGC 2019, LPA Film Festival 2018, Atalaya Blues Festival 2018, BioAgaete Cultural Solidario 2018, XI Festival Internacional de Blues de Corralejo (Fuerteventura) 2018, EsJamboree 2017, Festival Gastro Blues de LPGC 2017; we could highlight his live concert on Radio “Séptimo Vicio”.


This canary artist combines his own culture heritage which has been influenced by his experiences living abroad: London, Barcelona, Los Angeles are some of the places where he has been trained as a musician and where he has crafted his own style of music.

Nauci Gold was conceived as a solo project which is nurtured by different previous bands located in the underground scene from Spain and London.

In his short career, this project has participated in many festivals such as: Manéstival (Fuerteventura) or Materia Fest (Gran Canaria), and many other live concert experiences around Spain (Madrid, Granada, Salamanca…etc) and the Canary Island. 

His emotional and powerful live concerts have been noticed by the critics and they’ve been catalogued as a unique experience. It’s a pleasure to have him here!


“Singing fiercely and playing sharped guitars. Château Rouge has warned us that his path has begun, but it will take them far away”


Château Rouge is a band from Gran Canaria formed by Vicente, David “Neti”, Saúl and Daniel. In their particular artistic autonomy and their extensive experience in the live business, they’ve created a special american rock music project with some psychedelic, country, indie and energetic hard rock shades.

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In his shows, they play folkloric american instruments and standards (banjo, dobro and slides techniques) with a groovy taste but keeping a garage touch in their music.

In 2018 this young band has been awarded with the First Prize of the regional contest “LOMASCRUJIENTE”, the second prize of II YOUNG ARTISTS AWARDS and the II PRIZE OF THE BEST NEW BAND IN 2018 by II CANARY MUSIC AWARDS.

This band took part in WOMAD LAS PALMAS 2018 and, afterwards, they were selected to perform his own show in WOMAD UK 2019.


A early band but formed by artists with a long artistic experience

  • Juan Carlos Gracia, singer.
  • Ángel Huertas, drums.
  • Omar de Castro, guitar.
  • Jesús Sánchez, bass guitar.

Their own music may be familiar to you. They play traditional rock music but they give this style a new whole level. The bet for a dark rock genre with a deep-black soul.

Los Enemigos, Dr. Feelgood and long shades and sounds are the pillars of their composition, and they are coupled with amazing lyrics which talk about the Good and the Evil. 

His debut was in the Roock&Books Festival and it was well received by the public.