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Moisés Guerra Armas is responsible for the brand PicaPinos wood & designs

Moisés Guerra Armas is responsible for the brand PicaPinos wood & designs

Brand Story:

The brand as such was born during the pandemic. Previously, as a hobby, he did small works in wood, recovering old furniture and small objects. My real profession is an industrial design engineer specializing in the development of 3d images, which is what I was doing until the start of the pandemic. Due to this, and seeing that work was scarce, I decided to start promoting and give visibility to this hobby that is wood, and try to make it become something else. In this way, Picapinos Wood & Design was born, beginning with the making of tables to serve food, developing them from an organic and unique wood. I always say that each client has a unique piece, since both the design and the wood itself, with its different changing betas, make each table different from the previous one.

Types of wood:

The raw materials that I use for the work that I do are acquired in a lumberyard, such as oak, ash, beech, sipo and mulberry, they are the ones that I use the most, especially for the preparation of serving boards.

From time to time, I have been able to collect wood on the island from pruning remains, when maintenance pruning is done on roads, farms, etc. such as chestnut, olive and false pepper. The chestnut tree, for example, I have been able to recover trunks that were felled after the fires that affected us years ago and thus be able to give them a second life.

I really like trying to acquire old tea or wild olive wood that they usually take from old buildings. With these woods I like, in many cases, not to modify them excessively and to make unique pieces, since they are part of our tradition.

What do you offer:

The main objective of Picapinos is to offer a quality, unique and durable product and try to make it sustainable, since in the society we live in everything is throwaway, with a very short useful life.

Our products are made with entirely natural materials.


Our main projects are the serving and cutting boards, which we could say are our main product and the one with which the brand started.

On the other hand, we have the wooden vases, which are also all unique and different, as well as the wine racks made of wood and stone from Arucas.

I don’t really focus on anything, just when I see an idea that I like, I develop it and take it to my style.

During the Christmas season I do like to make wooden decorations, like last year I made snowmen and hanging decorations that were very well received.