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Multicines Monopol or where to enjoy quality cinema in Gran Canaria

Multicines Monopol or where to enjoy quality cinema in Gran Canaria

The Multicines Monopol are situated in the city of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, inside of the Bulevard Monopol, an entertainment and shopping centre located in Huertado de Mendoza Square, which is mostly known as »Frogs Square», because of the frogs that spit water in the fountain. This is a rising area in the centre of the old city, traditionally commercial, and now also a meeting point for the entertainment and diversion.

A few metres away it’s located the Santa Ana Cathedral, the Gabinete Literario (Literary Forum Building), the Municipal Library, the Insular Cultural Centre and the Perez Galdos Theatre. The proximity of the Theatre’s bus station, as well as the main roads, make this area one of the most accessible.

It is currently, the only cinema left in Gran Canaria where to enjoy independent films, in original version, from international directors, from new promising directors, by actors and actresses that make us enjoy the Seventh Art on the big screen. In short, a movie theatre with films far from the mainstream, from the huge American blockbusters.

But, of course, you will also find most of these blockbusters, the quality ones, the ones that make us throb with emotion, the ones awarded with renowned international awards like the Golden Globes or the Oscars.

They show during the whole year series of films from different countries and are one of the headquarters of the International Cinema Festival of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. If you are planning on visiting our city check the billboard, an interesting movie will be shown for sure that makes you spent a quality entertainment time.