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Oscar Dorta, specialised in stunts, where he risks his life

Oscar Dorta, specialised in stunts, where he risks his life

Native from Tenerife, Oscar Dorta has worked in more than 40 national and international movies and series, for example, as a stuntman of Imanol Arias in “Anacleto Agente Secreto”, or as a stuntman of Dani Rovira in the blockbuster “Superlopez”.

Oscar is specialised in stunts, and he risks his life in every shooting.

“I didn’t have a specific vocation for this job, it was more of a consequence of the situation”, he tells us.

“As a child I wasn’t particularly bright in the studies”, reminisces the artist “but I did love the action; additionally, I realised that whenever I fell, whenever I was hit as I was always doing things, I would get on my feet as if nothing had happened and I wasn’t hurt”.

He was awarded with the Yago al no reconocido in 2019, after a long career of defending and fighting for the recognition of stuntmen and stuntwomen.

He started very early, with only 19 years old, he left his native island, Tenerife.

After many years of training and dedication, he entered the world of live shows, a hard and exhausting job, so later, he could initiate into the world of the cinema, his passion, a journey that lasts until this day.

The funniest thing about this journey, he tells us:

“I had to leave Canarias to receive education and the first movie I made was shot in Tenerife”. The twists of life.

He has shot international and national productions in Tenerife, Las Palmas, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Currently, I recently finished a project with Netflix called “El inocente”, starring Mario Casa and in some weeks a A3Media project is starting.

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It has to be praised that our artists can achieve their goals, during these troubled times.

With the current situation and the sanitary crisis, he states with a touch of black humour:

“I hope there are more virus and extinction movies, so our job will be more requested, and the thing is we have to see the positive side of this situation”

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