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October 2020 Magazine

October 2020 Magazine

The culture is proclaimed as a “Basic good” and “a right of the citizens, essential for the social development, coexistence and cohesion”.

The books, the music, the theatre, the dance, the circus, the art, are the best weapons we have to help our mind fly to other worlds, live unknown lives.

We must fight so the industry, which supports thousands of families, can develop its work with complete security and guarantee.

Technicians, promotors, assemblers, catering, transport, producers and a long list of companies and professionals that are needed for a curtain of a show to be raised. 

And do not forget about the artists:

The writer, the musician, the actresses, who usually earn a living of weekend shows.


Me must make an effort to help and ensure visibility to the ones who helped us during the lockdown, without asking for anything back, making our day to day easier, with happiness and offering us all type of cultures.

The culture is very important for the general public, who need to free their mind, who need to forget this sanitary and social crisis, if only for one hour a day, with a movie, a book chapter, a painting or a song. 

Any artist you see on TV, leading artists, from any country, started rehearsing in garages, performing in small establishments in their own city or neighbourhood.


Buy tickets for concerts, cinema or theatre, buy albums or books from artists from the Canary Islands…

Take part and follow the sanitary rules!

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We wish this situation ends soon, but whereas, everyone is responsible for not letting anyone down.

And, also, we beg you to:

#Supportthelocalbusiness and buy in your neighbourhood, buy products from the Canary Islands.

We also suggest you to follow us on social media and read us, because we also are…

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