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Travel with us and get into a new adventure in April

Travel with us and get into a new adventure in April

April 19 marks Bicycle Day, but also Dr Hofmann’s first LSD trip. Accidents happen in every walk of life, and Hofmann accidentally ingested some LSD. It was enough to spark his imagination and to get prepared for the historic first trip on lysergic acid diethylamide. After ingesting the discovered substance, he had “a bad trip” that, by not supporting himself, allowed the history of psychedelia to take course. He asked his assistant to take him home on a bicycle, coming into contact with sunlight and nature, the real world, the first trip with LSD occurred…

On April 23, Book Day is celebrated, which dates back to 1926. Give away the stories of other worlds and characters to escape you, thus supporting the bookstores in your city.

Classical and urban dances take to the streets on Dance Day, April 29. It was instituted based on the proposal of the Russian teacher Piepor Gusev of Leningrad, to honor the great innovator of classical ballet, the French choreographer Jean Georges Noverre, born on April 29, 1727, who was the greatest choreographer of his time, and he is considered the creator of modern or neoclassical ballet.

The music that opens minds has its celebration in style on April 30, Jazz Day.

Critic Joachim-Ernst Berendt, in his classic “Jazz: From New Orleans to Jazz Rock,” notes:

»Jazz originated in the United States through the confrontation of the sounds of slaves with European music. The instrumentation, melody, and harmony of jazz are derived primarily from the musical tradition of the West. The rhythm, phrasing and sound production, and harmony elements of blues are derived from African music and the musical concept of African Americans.”

How much we owe to Africa throughout our cultural and especially musical history, almost all modern rhythms come from African Americans.

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