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International Ocean Film Tour: thrilling stories in the oceans

International Ocean Film Tour: thrilling stories in the oceans


From April and for the second time in Spain, the biggest ocean film tour of Europe will board on another trip.

For 14 years, the International OCEAN FILM TOUR has brought movies and documentaries, carefully picked, about the world of the seven seas to the big screen.

Each year, the festival improves, inspiring the adventurous and enthusiasts with unique stories, with exciting and spectacular characters from the wildest places on Earth. This festival, produced by the well-known German producer Moving Adventures GmbH, was born in Canarias thanks to the local producer Kinema Producciones with a very clear purpose: encourage in an alternative and direct way through the archipelago, the protection, defence and conservation of our oceans and shores.

To fulfil this vital goal, we want to count with every collective that on a daily basis fights to keep our environment clean, actively participates in the development of it and helps to take care of it in the medium and long term. We are lucky, not only for having one of the best climates in the world, but also to be able to enjoy a great diversity.

For all these reasons, we believe it is essential and urgent to join forces to protect and defend it for the future generations. The festival, in addition, is a 100% aligned with the 2030 Agenda of Circular Economy of the United Nations and also of the Spanish Government and in particular, with key tools of “Sensibilization, Formation, Participation and Disclosure” for the population in this so called, 4th industrial revolution.

The contest has for the second consecutive year the support and the collaboration of the Government of Canarias through the Canarias Cultura en Red SA, the Culture Department of the City Council of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, the Sea City Council of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, the snorkel center Buceo Norte in Gran Canaria and Cope Canarias.This year schedule has five movies with a total time of approximately 120 minutes.

In addition, it has a moderation of the programme and the visit of special guests on each event, until the fulfilling of the 2,5/3 hours of experience. In many cities, the International OCEAN FILM TOUR is joined by environmental protection organizations and guests from the national or international scene who show the important steps everyone can take to protect the oceans. The world premier took place the 3rd of March of 2019 in Munich – Germany with 1.600 people and later was presented in more than 240 events in 17 countries around the world.

2019 Event in Tenerife:

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