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Welinder: the new band from Tenerife

Welinder: the new band from Tenerife

Welinder – A Strange Collection Of Lost Songs (2022)

Welinder’s name comes from a skater from the 80’s, Per Welinder, who used to come second in all the championships, always behind Rodney Mullen, his misfortune was having to compete against the best skater of all time in his style ( free-style).

He only won one championship, Rodney Mullen did not participate due to injury.

Welinder is a project that begins to take shape in 2017, when several ideas that Felu had saved are presented to Christian as a vocalist and he appears with the task done, both vocal melody and lyrics.

We get in touch with Rubén Hdez to see the availability of the studio (Sibiyibi) to re-record some details and polish others, Rubén at that moment also joins the project recording various backing guitars.

Everything was there, with a couple of songs, and four afternoons of fun; It is this year, in April to be exact, when we have decided to release the project, basically for fun, because we have some free time and an excuse to meet up with friends. It is at this moment when the rest of the songs that complete the LP are composed and recorded.

The album will be presented on Friday, July 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lone Star (Santa Cruz de Tenerife).


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