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Beatriz Martín releases her new intimate work “Aquí y ahora”

Beatriz Martín releases her new intimate work “Aquí y ahora”

Beatriz Martín, borned in Granadilla, Tenerife, in 1985 started his musical training in music theory and clarinet in the Music Band Academy “José Reyes Martín”, following his studies in the Music Conservatory of Tenerife.

Since her childhood she learned how to play guitar with her own family and she began to compose her own lyrics and songs.

The “intimate touch” of this artist lies on her amazing voice and a professional band. She has played concerts, most of them in Tenerife, but she has travelled to the Spanish mainland showing her new songs with pop details and arrangements.

She carries with her a setlist full of variety and different tastes from her own live, optimism and melancholy.


Lyrics, music and singer: Beatriz Martin

Andy Dehmer: Electric Guitar

Yiyo Bravo: Bass Guitar

Bebi Camacho: Keyboards

Carlos Martín: Drums

Tony Martínez: Guitar solo in “Qué difícil” 

Yeray Fuentes: Sound engineering (Calle 13rec)

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Recording, mixing and mastering: Juan Carlos Hernandez y Manolín Lorente

Estudios Arena Digital. 

Photography and graphic design: Rubén Hernández

Available in any digital platform and physical format.

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