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Carmela Visone & The Grooves

Carmela Visone & The Grooves

Carmela Visone borned in Germany, her mother is from Spain and her father is from Italy, she grew up under the warm feeling of a lovely family from the south of Italy which emigrated to Germany  during the economic crisis in the 60’s.

Since she was a child she was involved in napolitan traditional music because of her family. On the other hand, her mother used to transmit her afro american music that she listened to during her work in the U.S military bases settled down all around the country. 

This cultural crossroad makes her a mixed music fan and composer.

At the age of 12, she emigrated to the Canary Islands together with her parents and her brothers. It was  to her a new opportunity to add the tradition and culture to her own musical values and her own music taste.

It was during her adolescence when she went back to the music composition, singing solo in many different bands and being part of a gospel choir, interpreting many styles like soul, funk, blues and gospel.

Carmela Visone & The Grooves surged between the friendship of Carmela and Pablo Díaz (keyboardist) after meeting in a gospel choir show. From this point, Carmela decant her music taste into afro american music.Later on, Jonás Álvarez (drums) would join the band.

In 2015, and in collaboration with José Carlos Machado (double bass), they published their first album; a jazz cover work called “Carmela Visione & The Grooves”.

In 2017 they released their first album “Just an Art” in this time with Agustín Pérez (guitarra) and Cristo Dorta (electric bass).During this process, the album added sound rooted on R&B and Funk with a better feeling than the other album. They do have a very own personal touch in every song and a shaped own style, skills that made them the Best Artist/Band by La Guarida Indie Music Awards in 2017 and they won Best RnB and Soul EP Award by The Akademia Music Awards 2019.

They have already published her last album Inner Fight inspired on the experimental R’n’B and the most actual Soul music.

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They count with a new incorporation: Amilcar Mendoza playing the drums and Iván Rojas (guitarist) as a producer and composer of some of the new songs.

We are willing to listen to them in Gran Canaria soon…