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Association of Canary Women Professionals on Cinema and Audiovisual Content MÁS MUJERES

Association of Canary Women Professionals on Cinema and Audiovisual Content MÁS MUJERES

When the Association MÁS MUJERES got borned, it already had a long career. Their own partners converge in many points of the activism related to the fight for equal gender rights against women, and they perform their activity consolidating and achieving common goals and objectives, learning about their previous experiences.

We are CEOs, TV programmes and cinema directors, screenwriters, actresses, assemblers, history professionals and producers of cinema and TV. We have members in the Canary Islands and in the Spanish Mainland.

We have a common desire: to reach the actual equality between women and men in the audiovisual world. The sector which makes us one has clearly some weak points against our fight. The industry is gaping protocols, vigilance, compromise and financiation. For this reason, our first goal is to reach the consolidation of the signature of the Canary Parlament to apply equal politics in the public televisión all along the islands. For the very first time in Televisión Canaria, we make a step forward in the way of creating audiovisual content in the public ambit.

In the same line a new section was created during the celebration of a Cinema Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where we put our seeds in one of the greatest hit in the daily regional press history: to eliminate the prostitution adds in the archipielagee newspapers.

We have conquered also the Culture Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria which now counts with feminist counceling. From that point our members could achieve renaming some streets with the figures of some highlighted women in our history.

And we have been also pioneers proposing alternative scores to spread and to improve the equality in any regional subsidies of the Government of the Canary Islands and the Town Hall of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

In a industry which her average work are made for men to be consumed by men, where masculinisation of the average directive positions is a fact (specially in those where taking leading decisions),where the own system discourage women to improve their careers in the audiovisual work, there’s still too much to be done…

From this perspective we work in the Canary Islands, where they can be found with some particular characteristics. The audiovisual industry is a strategic sector in the islands which is growing stronger in the international panorama due to the regional politics according to the tax incentives.

MÁS MUJERES wants to be headed in this context. We want to take part of councils where to take leading decisions. We want to decide what and how to develop the audiovisual industry in the islands in a way we could manage a fair politics fomenting equality which impulses the femenine talent of the sector.

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MÁS MUJERES centralise its fight to teach girls femenine, diverse and non-stereotyped references in the audiovisual industry. From TV to cinema, reaching this goal requires permanent vigilance and consultancy to the public and private entities.

To reach this goal, we have proposed a script for television and cinema fomenting the gender perspective. We also consider it obligatory that professional women from the sector were able to manage budgets and to give points to our scriptwriters, directors and technicians, we also highlight the value of women producers.


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