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Once upon a time in Hollywood, the broken dreams industry

Once upon a time in Hollywood, the broken dreams industry


We start this month with a new wise collaborator, a luxury and a pride to have him in our team: 

Luis Díaz, is a cinema documents analyst, expert in autographs and original scripts, owner of one of the most famous collections of films in Europe who will regale us with his knowledge in the details, curiosities and moments of cinema all along his own history.

Today, we are going to reminisce about some of the cinema divas who couldn’t manage to separate their own personality from their performing character.

Behind the lights and the flashes of the stage, existed some huge shadows which condemned them to a short and dark life, some of them full of excess and misfortunes.

It seems glamour is connected somehow with tragedy. Some of the most famous actresses were converted into legends after paying an elevated price due to their permanent exposure.

Despite belonging to “Gods’ Twilight”, many actresses like Gloria Swanson or Bette Davis were lost in time for many years after dedicating their own lives in the Seventh Art.

We can add Rita Hayworth to this misfortune list of big actresses. A female beauty icon and a muse for U.S army soldiers. She was banned because of her casual memory problems related to an eventual alcoholism habit.

Over the years, it was discovered she suffered from Alzheimer, an illness which helped her to forget the frequent sexual abuses perpetrated by her father.

After this time, “Gentlemen STILL Prefer Blondes” as Marily Monroe, a cult figure which is still adding fans nowadays. She was found dead in strange circumstances with only 36 years old.

The end of the Yellow Brick Road for many prodigious actresses like Judy Garland was an overdose of barbiturates. To others like Greta Garbo, the end was the exile. She was the unforgettable Mata Hari, she never smiled, and, after rejecting the Oscar, she claimed for peace and loneliness. 

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Although the promising fairy tale was granted for one of them, like Grace Kelly, who was saved by her prince from the pawns of the master of thrill, Destiny perpetrated a Perfect Crime when she died in a tragic traffic accident.

Hollywood life is not like in the movies… Just saying.


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