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Music in the kid’s brain: numerous benefits

Music in the kid’s brain: numerous benefits

Music is ineludible in our lives, is a way of universal expresión which has numerous positive effects in the human being, most of all during the first months and years of life.

Since we were borned, music affects our brain and during our first steps, it helps us to our cognitive, social, emotional, expressive and dynamic development.

Many studies have shown the importance of music and how it helps to grow our intellectual abilities due the neuronal activity it causes.

Music is the human incentive which actívates the most part of our brain

Exposure to music when newborn and it development while growing: singing, dancing or playing any instrument have the following benefits for kids:

– Increases memory, attention and concentration skills. 

– Stimulation of imagination and creativity.

– Strengthen the language 

– Balance, senses and muscles development.

– Enrichment of intellectual skills.

– Sociability development.

– Routine scheduling.

– Self-esteem development.

– Improve health, music has a relieving effect and it helps the immunological system. It also helps to coordinate breathing and heart-beating.

CULTURE, in general, any art discipline, consuming, admiring or performing it make people healthier and, most of all, free.

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