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Colectivo Gamá, 27 years fighting for the rights we deserve

Colectivo Gamá, 27 years fighting for the rights we deserve

Gamá means “Enough!” in amazingh, the ancient language they speak in the Canary Islands to stop a fight.

El Colectivo Gamá borned in 1994 to stop discrimination 27 years ago. It’s the oldest collective of lesbians, gays, trans and bisexuals from the Canary Islands. His job has been a reference to laws that impulse rights for the LGTBI community.

To talk about Gamá is to talk about the beginnings of the LGTBI fight in Gran Canaria. After the first encounter in Lopez Socas in 1980, where a thousand people claimed for amnesty for those who were in jail due their sexual preferences or identity, two groups of LGTBI people decided to join together and to impose something bigger; Gamá.

The entity opened its first headquarters in La Isleta. At first, they were performing an inner job based in its own denomination, during times where empowerment and acceptance were needed to define diversity in the first person.

Game decided to organise a first Gay Pride demonstration, that’s how it was called then, the 30th of june 2001.

“They had hard times because we didn’t even know if they were refusing to celebrate this demonstration or if they would allow us to celebrate it”, explains Ricardo González, coordinator and ex president of Gamá.

It was a successful meeting: more than 3.000 people conquered the streets defending the freedom of loving and being. And, year by year, pride day has been amplified and reaching more people: a popular celebration of diversity.

Collectiver Gamá counts with a technical crew related to the social, educational, juridic, administrative, psychological and communication spheres. They offer free integral attention to LGTBI community from Gran Canaria. 

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Located in C/ Tomás Morales, 8, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gamá exists because of their partners and the public administrations who every year support this plan of integration for equality which benefits the whole inhabitants.

A society who accept and value diversity own freedom and happiness.