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History of the city: GREEN DEMONSTRATION

History of the city: GREEN DEMONSTRATION

A warm summer day in 2012, Gregorio González took a walk behind his house. He had the idea of starting a little demonstration against the abandonment of his solar which was transformed into an improvised dump. His demonstration begins planting a few agaves in those poor lands, adding a green touch to the wasteland he saw.

Nine years later, he kept following this protest and he converted this plot of land into a garden with more than 300 vegetables species, building paths for those who want to visit this place and shorten the way back home. Stone by Stone, he has built walls, he has made benches out of the wastes from those incivic people who have littered in this green temple. Benches made of bed bases, ceramic tiles and love, tons of love.

Gregorio waters with his own fluvial resources, he has asked for institutional help for this question in particular but it wasn’t possible according to the nature of the land, he has created even a young space where “the youth” have found a place where to meet. Dogs are excited to meet Gregorio on this green temple looking to be petted by him, their owners chat with him with a near approach. 

Between these dogs, came out Kira, a friendly-barking spanish dog and along with Cira, Gregorio’s daughter I asked them for a photo. Gregorio stays serious and Cira said: You’re always the same dad, smile please! Finally he smiles for the photo and the picture becomes full of humbleness, respect, civism, human quality and pride. 

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Gregorio ‘s garden can be found in a Hill between Avenida Federico García Lorca and Calle Bogotá in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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