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Con Toda Seguridad (Safety First) are specialist on Childhood Security

Con Toda Seguridad (Safety First) are specialist on Childhood Security

Since 2015 they have served families with the biggest selection of child restraint devices and dry run tests in Gran Canaria. Their goal is to help make decisions in order to preserve an easy and safe daily activity from the car to their homes.

Pioneer son promotion, selling and renting of child dry run protection restraint systems.

They offer a close service with professional counselling and the articles which will be adequate to the family needs. They only recommend those devices which they would use on their own family.

They only make recommendations on systems and products which they trust, those which has an added value which have been used on their own homes and they fits on their philosophy and own values.Only those objects which has passed their own quality standards and those which has a interesting design in order to fulfill their well-being and the child protection.

In the car:

If you were pregnant, don’t you forget there are two lives in your hands, yours and your baby’s.

When your baby’s borned he or she will only travel safely and protected if they are facing the back to the front part of the car the most time possible. This has to be made until he or she is 4 years old.

Teach them the world of pedals.

If you love bikes, you may want to share it with your kids.

Home and school solutions.

Coming soon… at home and at school fully protected.

National Security Association collaborates with this company by creating the preventive conscience of reducing childhood injuries (

Find us on C/ Daoiz 23 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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