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Cinema has always been a good and loyal partner in my life, it makes me avoid reality and it gives me an unended resource of sensations, like happiness, sadness or fears, but the best thing I could get from this close friend is the creative inspiration.

“There is no way of art which goes beyond ordinary knowledge like cinema does, it goes directly to our feelings, deeply in a dark basement of our souls”. – Ingmar Bergman

Those moments of the day when you can choose to make a visit to a parallel universe, transported by infinite pictures vehicles, big stories or music (those gravitation notes full of emotions), a magic world which makes you travel to unknown places, transforming the experience in something unique, scary and sometimes relaxing, because in this trip you can choose to suffer or to have fun.

“It’s impossible to make a good movie without a camera who acts like the eye in the heart of a poet”. – Orson Welles

Cinema has made me a better person; it’s been a huge therapy in the hardest moments, it helped me out to find a path when I was lost or even to make the correct decisions. I’m very concerned that the 7th Art has deeply marked me and has influenced my personality.

“Cinema is not the art of recording life, cinema is between art and life”.– Jean Luc Godard

I only expect to keep enjoying this beautiful art the rest of my life and to be able to spread my own knowledge and passion to others; my own love for those incomprehensible emotions brought only by cinema.

“Life is a sequence shot until the end”.– Jean-Luc Godard

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Even when I sleep, my dreams are the closest thing to a good script in my life.

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“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed”.– Stanley Kubrick