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A time for you

A time for you

Something as simple as taking care of ourselves is the biggest resource of vitamins.

Turn off the white noise of our own heads and to take a minute to what we truly feel. Take est to our minds!

The bad mood, hopelessness and lost time. Feeling that even when we struggle, nothing depends on us and we don’t feel appreciated may affect our self-esteem and our state of mind.

The body responds when we don’t let it rest, it talks to you, it gives you signs, you have to hear it.

When you understand what you really prefer, what you need, you will start to bet on some alternatives or others.. 

And you will wonder, what do I need?

That ‘s easy…

A good movie, a theatre play, a book that takes you to unknown places, a little concert or maybe a huge music festival where you shake your head, a great wine in a fancy restaurant… or maybe even take a long walk.

From the Brujula’s team we do care about taking care of ourselves to share quality time with those beloved ones.

Consume culture, support canary artists and the local market.

Happy Holidays!

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Happy 2022!

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