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Fragola a different experience

Fragola a different experience

Fragola was born in 2006 as an original and new idea of commerce. Its first location was in Calle Perojo where the built a name as a fashion and complements shop, introducing in the island selling not known brands in the island and supporting new local and foreign entrepreneurs.

After 5 years they moved out to Calle Travieso in the commercial zone of Triana, they stayed there for 9 years and a half giving colors to life.

What’s the main characteristics of Fragola?

Femininity, happiness and color is the base of everything which you can find. This place is magical and tempting as some of the clients (now friends) have affirmed.

Fragola mundo maravillas is a space where to find any piece of fashion you were looking for and a place where to enjoy a marvellous experience with a close and familiar treat, where fashion is a way of expresión.

It’s almost 15 years since Fragola was founded and they bet again for being located in Calle Bravo 27, a comfortable and lightful place to create a different experience in a mixing space. 

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They also have a new hairdressing point where Mirja develops her estilistic creativity. She discovered her new aspect where you can take care of yourself alongside the products Nak Hair, with vegan components, luxury botanics and pure essential oils adapted to celiac and allergic users.
Fragola emerges like a commercial market in the hands of Sonia an Mirja, sisters and partners in this project who bet for a business idea which was unknown in the islands, with them a new concept of fashion shop was borned.

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