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Asiria Álvarez: art transgression

Asiria Álvarez: art transgression

Asiria Álvarez is an artist from Gran Canaria.

She is a professional photographer and a graphic designer. Her career began studying in Escuela de Arte de Gran Canaria when she started to perform her photography as a way of amusement.

Eventually she converted this hobby into something professional. This change occurred when she decided to incorporate a professional and personal touch to their own creations. She decided to tell stories in every single photo she was making, adding feelings and expressing herself freely each time.

She was focusing little by little on her own experiences all along her life and she is trying to transmit what being a woman is like in our times.

She uses a strong political belief, full of irony and jokes, performing her own experiences exaggeratedly and fulfilling the scenes with colors like the 50’s illustrations. This vintage aesthetics helps her to contextualise problems from the past who are still women’s problems.

Photography is the way she expresses artistically but also politically. The ideological burden of each photo is the most important pillar to make it work and to make it be more than another beautiful picture from Instagram.

She expressed:

”I cannot imagine my own work as a meaningless creation, I assume my own photos as something full of symbolism, it’s something crucial in my creativity process”

In the future, she is looking forward to continuing her own work and being able to be part of an art gallery.

We’re looking forward to seeing her in a museum, but until then follow her on her own social networks…

We love transgression, she ‘s brave and truly original…She was awarded the category of “Best Videoclip” in the last Canary Music Awards with “ORGULLO DE BARRIO” from the artista GEKAH.

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Photography and edition: Asiria Álvarez 

Model: Natalia Prieto
Art director: Héctor Gardez

MUA: Rosa Marañón