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Alexey Kondakov: When street photography meets classic art

Alexey Kondakov: When street photography meets classic art

Una One of the biggest characteristics of art is to be reinvented, to be rediscovered most of all in the times we are living where commercials, internet and social networks are bombing us with continuous content.

Alexey Kondakov, ucranian artist, seems to have a clear view of all of these and following his own intuition has discovered how to reuse and mix a variety of resources from the classic to the pop art and the content for the huge mass of public.

Alexey mixes photographs, classic painting figures and photographs from urban places carefully and takes care of lights and shadows naturally combined. The two worlds finally meet..

In this collection of photographs called “Cotidian life of Gods” Alexey introduces female figures almost naked from portraits of Frederic Leighton and Herbert James Draper combined with neon lights from a disco, converting these women into girls of the century. We can watch Cleopatra from John William Waterhouse in a shoe shop or being watched by the main characters of William-Adolphe Bouguereau after a bar window.

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Alexey Kondakov’s work trapped us in an interesting and funny way at the same time.

Would you like to watch more content from Alexey Kondakov?. If you say so, you can find him on Instagram like @alksko or in his web: