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People run so fast because they don’t know where to go : july’s magazine

People run so fast because they don’t know where to go : july’s magazine

Those who know where to go

Enjoy the walk slowly

To taste the time while coming

Gloria Fuertes

We began with this poem from the huge writer Gloria Fuertes to introduce the Editorial of this month of July talking about self-confidence and to trust everyone else.

We must walk with steady feet, enjoying the moment, contemplating our environment and those who are along with us, not rushing. 

Because if you run you may lose life’s messages, trains that you can lose, new friends or partners in love.

Is truly important to not become a Neighborhood Policeman, not only against the sanitary crisis but also standing extremely for it. 

Summer has come and the new sanitary laws express the possibility of going without a mask on the streets, always respecting the social distance. 

Courage and living without fear has its advantages and its disadvantages, we are truly complicated beings..

“Empty Face Syndrome” is the stress of those who don’t want to quit the use of the mask because of health or aesthetic reasons.

  • Is a sensation of vulnerability related to the fact of not wearing a mask. It becomes a stress, mental suffering and a lack of protection when socialising..
  • Plenty people feel safer with their face covered

Respect people who don’t want to quit the mask, car safety belts have saved millions of lifes, Condoms have protected you from suffering AIDS or an unintended pregnancy.

Respect and tolerance will make our society grow better and stronger.

Soon, seating capacity will be established and we’ll be able to go to shows and events again with a bigger gauge…

Don’t run, live and enjoy the way back to normality. We know how the end of this, the important thing is to stay strong mentally and physically for our fellow countrymen… 

Culture, artists, local market, our streets, our beaches, our mountains… are waiting for building a new sustainable future.

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