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Wave of life , August magazine

Wave of life , August magazine

Waves come and go, waves sculpt mountains little by little, waves bring dreams or trash to the shore…

Take care of not getting drowned in the wrong one…

In January of 2008 Sundance Festival was launched, a german film which will go around the world and it will provoke a social argument against the psychological effects of fanaticism and the easy way to get trapped by it. 

The wave (Die Welle), directed by Dennis Gansel, earned more than 20 millions of dollars and it became one of the most famous german films in the history of cinema.

The film narrates the story of a high school teacher who is programming a lesson of fanaticism. To show alums the effects of living under an authoritarian regime, he creates a social movement with his students which eventually will be out of control. Through some strategies like discipline, the distrust between them, an own personal greeting and a shared uniform. Wenger states himself as a dictatorial leader who is followed by all his students. Most of them ended up trapped by the fanaticism of this scholar project. 

“At first, we thought The Wave was something that could be rarely taken seriously by the german society, democracy seemed to stay steady. We thought it was kind of risky to imagine some young people could be trapped in something like this. After the first rehearsal with the actors who were between 16 and 18, we could notice the feeling was rising powerfully between them. They love the teacher and it was such a really intense feeling… The success of the film was a clear sign for those who were questioning our democracy and dictatorships, and how easy it was to happen again”, explains the director.

What is fanaticism nowadays?

Is something you think, you preach or you practise…? Is something that the others do?

Others are alway wrong… my truth is the unquestionable truth…

Our truth is to share culture, support local markets and any discipline artist.


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