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Are you a true cinema lover? Discover it frame to frame

Are you a true cinema lover? Discover it frame to frame

The good cinema lover must be in a “sequence frame” all the time possible, getting fed and enjoying every cinematographic material. 

In a “general frame” there are some things that must be pretty clear, big characters like Kubrick, Tarantino, Scorsese, Cameron, Spielberg, Hitchcock, Allen or Fincher, must be treated like Gods, a devotion compared to the nordic mythology for vikings.

From this director, you must not lose any of their films, and you must defend them “frame by frame” during an argument.

Another important skill of any good cinema enjoyer is to have a huge DVD collection at home, books and other documents must be watched and they will occupy a space and they will fill corners.

And if I have to talk about “a first frame” I would say that when I go to the cinema I’ve never lost any of the trailers and I must admit I hate when someone is stomping my seat or the public who assist late to the sessions.

How many times have I seen a film on TV, with advertisements havin it on DVD getting dusty in a wardrobe? Many of them for sure.

I also regret saying “another chapter more” because I stay awake until late at night watching the tv series of the moment.

Even if the film is a bad one, I must watch it until the end of it if my favourite actor is in it.

If we talk of a “detail frame” I nostalgically remember when we were kids and we talk about a certain film, without using any argot, you only told the scenes and what you love about them, the experience nowadays makes you recognise some resources you’ve never noticed before.

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There is a proofless test to know if you’re an Oscar cinema lover is to judge people by their cinema’s taste, “tell me who you like and I’ll tell you who you are”.

And as always, this article ends with a cinema quote, one of those who has to be remember:

 “Cinema is the biggest and prettiest lie. We all assume to be tricked with a good story”