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TransGirls. The Association for all trans realities has a new President, Silvia Matos

TransGirls. The Association for all trans realities has a new President, Silvia Matos

Is a estatal association with its headquarter in Tenerife, Canary islands and many delegations in Gran Canaria and Madrid.

The Association was founded in 2018 in Tenerife, with the main objective of giving an answer in very specific way to trans women and the double-discrimination they suffer. In a few times the entity has grown up exponentially due the labour and the support of the trans community.

Nowadays, the association TransGirls not only changes its presidency, they also changes the área of activism and statutes, they’re still having a very specific line of action for trans-women, the social and political moment we are living in caused new demanding objectives like creating a unique space in Canary islands (ONA), the projecto for the non-binaries people of the association. This new space is added to the others to families and the creation of a space for trans-boys and trans-people with any diversities/disabilities which will be added in the other delegations of Gran canaria and Madrid.


The new canary president Silvia Matos is an internationally known business woman who has been fighting for her collective for years and years. Now she is going to be part of the administration to add her own experience and knowledge according to the rights of this collective.

TransGirls Spain has started its second lap, there is no doubt Gran Canaria must be proud of this. 

Who are they?

They perform counselling, following and managing of claims, empowerment and education and support groups for trans people and their families   

To the Family Projects DiversiTrans will be added the Project ONA No Binaries and Proyecto Hombres Trans Igualitarios Metamorfosis, to answer every reality of the trans world.

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They belong to Federación Plataforma Trans Estatal (Estatal Trans Platform Federation) and Federación de Asociaciones de Mujeres Arena y Laurisilva (Associations Federation of Sand and Laurisilva Women).

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