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Merkanarias, a supportive project for the canary underground and self-managed culture

Merkanarias, a supportive project for the canary underground and self-managed culture

In Merkanarias you may find any artistic expression around the islands. Literature, illustration, crafting, music and concerts and festivals.

The webpage is

It started in 2013 trying to compile the information of bands and canary musicians, getting them together in a unique database.

Where can I find the information?

The first source is, but also  Los 80 Pasan Factura from Yotty Delgado, La Fonoteca from Tomás GL, included in the webside

It includes the Canary Rock downloads from the basement of  Vicente Martín Abreu, ripped by Heriberto Dante, from the Facebook Public Group “Rock del Sureste de Gran Canaria”, from the band profiles in the social networks and even from MySpace…

Coming out from the collaboration of Los 80 Pasan Factura it emerges the idea of creating a shop on line where bands around the Canary Islands have their own merchandising.

A huge showcase, unique and simple.

Another pillar of this project is Merkanarias, the manager of taking the photos of every concert. He was amazed by the photographic work from Cristina Bernhardsen (Criber), and he decided to start this work of giving back the band what they share on a stage.

The closer contact with the artists have made him a collaborator on editing their pieces of art, being a co-director and distributor at the same time.

Due to her professional career as a web programmer, he has helped festivals and musical projects to make their web page.

Everything you are about to see in the web site of Merkanarias is made only for the canary artists.

As an innovation, in the shop online they have added the PayPal payment, direct download from Bandcamp or buying from external sources like Amazon or the editorial web that promoted the piece of art.

In the future Jose, the main member of this project, is expecting to participate in the organization of a concert or festival. His main idea is to keep enjoying his own job and to keep his work clean because when you enjoy the result is noticeable.