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We are amazed with the last discography work of Fajardo: “Intuición”

We are amazed with the last discography work of Fajardo: “Intuición”


There is an expression from the Canary Islands that says: “mirar a los celajes” (to look at the clouds)

Cejales are a kind of cloud that somehow keeps our attention and where we can lose ourselves in this particular oniric landscape. This spell fits in a song composition process. Meanwhile clouds are led by the wind, their color depends on the sun’s reflection and their shapes are changed by temperatura, pressure… The artist must follow the melody and he stretches and he gives them shape led by intuition.

Since they met in 2018, Fajardo had fantasized about getting their own songs fixed by Trilitrate. On the way, the neoclassic trio was adding new admired musicians like Marc Enseñat (Monkey Nuts) and Diego Hdez (Keiko, The Conqueror), who were complemented by another three regular collaborators: Manuel Campos (Rosvita), Jordi Tost (Gos Binari, Parmesano) and María Navidad (Tostadas, Mesa Camilla). This first feeling was materialized and with these first ideas a new song list was made Dynamic and full of details, a sober mixing on each piece of work. A conceptual music body recorded by Javier Ortiz (estudio Brazil) in this new era of the band called ‘Intuición’.

‘Intuición’ is an odyssey to observation, to music and friendship. A song dedicated to survive.

In the words of Fajardo -I decided to name this work Intuición because Intuition is where I found the essence of my own creative will (…).

In fact, the album walks on many questions and the poetic intranquility, precise wondering and the personal sabotage of banality. Intuition makes its own path to the máximum expression, the challenge of being a father (Deidad) – the insecurity of having nothing for sure (Accidentes) -, the will of traveling (Geometría/Geología). The burden of intellect (Aprender-Desaprender) turns into a volcano but having the musical vértigo facing the stages like a flood-damaged city. We transcend. We climb the mountain where the Podoformos are (during the night emerges the traquita, covered by liquens). 

The footsteps of our ancestors, where the witches of Tindaya wait for us. There I will be.


José A. Fajardo

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