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La Sonrojada has come to change Rules

La Sonrojada has come to change Rules

Many people who menstruate don’t know how its own menstrual cycle works, which stages it has or how it affects their body, their health, their concentration or their productivity.

After getting a bachelor in Sexology and measuring the space on this topic and its own alternatives and solutions, adding personal experiences after years of gynecological irregularities, a friend of mine showed me the benefits of the menstrual cup and what it meant to use it. It made me able to bust some myths and to discover a new world with healthy possibilities and to discover an alternative environmentally friendly solution.

From this point I decided to suggest two main objectives to myself:

  • To sensibilize and visibilize problems related to menstruation, climateric and menopause.
  • To sell low cost products around the island linked to improve the health and the quality of life of those who are interested in buying. 

“La sonrojada” borned in 2008 as a project which develops a pedagogic source about how menstruation works and an environmentally-friendly alternative to deal with it. It also counts with a online shop (in progress), where you may able to find menstrual hygienical products which can be use more than one time and completely respectful with the environment and the public health, all of them produced without any chemical product and socially respectful in Spain.

Among the many products available in the shop you may find: the menstrual cup, reusable cloth cold packs made with organic cotton and natural solutions for the characteristics of menstrual pain and climacteric without any medication.

People who menstruate do it every month during more than 40 years of their lives, it can produce more than 100 kilos of residues related to many products we normally use. However, there is no education or sensibilization about sustainable menstruation. 

Busting myths and stereotypes which are linked to menstruation and offering alternatives on hygienical products, may solve some conditions related to menstruation.

To care and to understand…

We are not crazy, we are not “cyclical” and we are here to change our rules.


Facebook: @lasonrojada

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Photos by Rocío Déniz

Underwear from Cocoro Intim