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Miguel Cedrés invokes his teenage ‘Verano Mortal’ on his second solo album

Miguel Cedrés invokes his teenage ‘Verano Mortal’ on his second solo album

The new album by Miguel Cedrés is produced by El Quebradero, arranged by Alby Ramírez and Sergio Miró.

Mortal Summer is the new solo album by Miguel Cedrés (Arrecife de Lanzarote, 1957), a member of the renowned band ‘Los Coquillos.

It brings together eleven songs under a title borrowed from a story by the Canarian writer and journalist Dolores Campos-Herrero, to whom it pays homage.
Along with the LP, in physical CD format and on platforms, Cedrés releases the fourth single from his work, La esquina de los turistas, a “very pop song that follows in the wake of the most pop and experimental Blur”, explains Cedrés.

It is also a leading record, with a lot of melody labeled British, pop, seventies glam rock, Harrisonian echoes and many details of keyboards (Hammonds, Fender Rhodes, etc.), different acoustic guitars, electric guitars, baritone guitars, slides and pedal steel (courtesy of Alby Ramirez).

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Sumptuous pop arrangements, real strings, vocal harmonies, and stellar collaborations. And most importantly, the ying and yang of Pin up Recordings: the studio band that acts like a stable band like Motown or Stax studios, with Sergio Miró on drums, Rafa Daza on bass, Alby on guitars and keyboards and Sari Montelongo in the choirs.

The graphic design has been in the care of Miguelo Arencibia, drummer of Los Coquillos. The author of the images that do not come from the Cedrés family album is the Lanzarote photographer Leandro Fajardo Betancor. And it has illustrious collaborations. “The album is full of melodic and musical details, harmonies and choirs,” says Cedrés, with illustrious collaborators such as the Australian musician Joel Sarakula; the vocalist of Los Coquillos, Ginés Cedrés; Lisandro Rodríguez’s piano; or the violin of Cristina Ardelean, among others. “Careful lyrics and pop vocal melodies in a rock context with touches of classicism and experimentation,” he says.