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Nauci Gold, an upcoming star in the Canarian musical scene, follow him

Nauci Gold, an upcoming star in the Canarian musical scene, follow him

Nauci Gold premieres the preview of his EP Roots. This work will mean the debut of the artist with five tracks that are understood as a mix of nu-soul or modern soul mixed with ethnic elements, mostly Africans, connecting synthesizers and percussions with the serenity and passion of the soul.

This EP will see the light at the beginning of 2020. Meanwhile, the artist offers us the track that gives name to the publication as a sample. This song is, without a doubt, a good representation of the proposal of the artist in which the electronic and organic textures create a perfect mattress for a voice that is heart-breaking and subtle at the same time.

Nauci Gold was born as a solo initiative which is nourished of the large career of the musician of the Spanish and British underground field, where he has toured with different bands. In his brief period of existence, this new project has already had the opportunity to be played in festivals like Manestival (Fuerteventura) or Materia Fest (Gran Canaria), as well as in concerts in Madrid, Gran Canaria y Fuerteventura. It should be pointed out the great reception the tracks presented have had in a live show full of intense emotions.

The Canarian artist who tries to combine his cultural legacy with the influences acquired throughout years living away from his land.

His period in London, Los Angeles or Barcelona, cities where he was made an artist, have marked his artistic proposal.

You can listen to him in Spotify.

The artist tells us:

How he started / Concerts / Recording:

«The project started in the last summer a bit suddenly for the necessity of expressing myself, I had just come back from living for a while in Barcelona where I was studying and working in music songs but I was not able to make my own, before that I had been in Los Angeles studying music but I couldn’t either start anything so I had a lot of free time without making my own music and I felt the necessity, literal, of making it and expressing myself through it, at the ending of the same summer (2019) I was invited to participated in the Manestival in Fuerteventura and there I could present what I had prepared, shortly after, I was also invited to play in the Materia Fest in Gran Canaria sharing poster with national and insular bands and because of the good embracing of the people I started preparing the songs in a more thorough way, working the bases considerably more and giving them a more, I belief, personal touch. After some months enclosed working on the proposal and already decided to jump into recording some tracks, I was invited to play in Madrid in June of this year in the legendary Wurlritzer Ballroom and the embracing was much better of what I could have imagined, because even when playing in a venue and in a poster that maybe it wasn’t the most suitable for me the public was great.

After this concert I started to prepare the recording together with Hendrick a partner producer from Oregon, who is in charge of the production and Dave America guitarist who plays with me when I do the jump to the peninsula, partner of studios of Los Angeles now settled in Madrid and in a gonzo way each one from our geographical location we mounted what rested from the recordings.

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In September of this same year we are making a little presentation of the E.P in Las Palmas where I am accompanied by Adonay Santana and Julié, who are marvellous artists, with an acceptance better that what I expected.»

Future projects:

«As future projects, at the moment a part from releasing two more singles we are preparing a short tour at the start of the year around Madrid and some cities of the south of the peninsula that are yet to be confirmed, a part from some more concerts around the islands.

I am also going to start producing short album of eight tracks that we are starting now to prepare which I hope it would be ready at the beginning of the summer, also with the help of the boys but this time it will be recorded in Madrid with the help of Hendrick from Oregon.»

It’s also found in Band Camp and Soundcloud.