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Sex Shop Voice is serious about the partying in their music and shows

Sex Shop Voice is serious about the partying in their music and shows

Sex Shop Voice is a trio from the Canary Islands of an 80’s style techno-pop settled in Gran Canaria.

Their repertoire is made of their own songs mainly sung in Castilian. As a reference to their sound there are, among others, Fangoria and OBK.

They are very serious about the partying.

The lyrics of their songs include a variety of topics, and there are frequent the references to the life, the love, the party and the fun, as well as the puns.

The project originates in the summer of 2017 as an evolution of MyAirport. It’s then when it’s decided to change the sound of the band taking it to the electronic and the dance, and staying the formation as it follows:

Héctor Camps: voice.

Paco García: synthesizers y chorus.

José de la Cruz: electric drum, chorus, programming y visuals.

César Santana is the sound technician and producer of the songs junto together with the band.

At the beginning of 2020 they are presenting their first studio work, Triunfálica.

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An EP with five songs recorded in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria by Vinod Rewachand.

It will be shortly on the main digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc…) and at the moment it is on Instagran, Facebook and Youtube.

Until the date the have two video clips: “Ella culé, él merengue” (Made by David Castillo, Weis Productions, 2018) and “Ten cuidadín” (Made by Alejandro González, Rec’n’Roll, 2019).

After playing in the Tiramisu Funky Bar, the Mumbai, the Shack Bar, the Paper as supporting artists of the Jaguares de la Bahía (the band of Paco Loco), and on another occasion opening for the Paranormales, they are preparing the jump to other islands and the peninsula, and their main objective are the festivals.