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Support the small business: Consume with responsibility

Support the small business: Consume with responsibility

Buy in the shops that sell handmade products or fresh food, picked up in our land, this will help the growth of our economy, while we support the responsible consumption in the world.  

The closeness is a virtue to solve any problem with personal attention, it requires professionality, this way we’ll all end up winning. The effort which is needed to make a dream come true between some walls deserves all of our respect, the offering of our time and our appreciation, losing five minutes of our life on listening the dreams of others turns the sweat into smiles. 

We have already seen the production chains of the big companies, where the important thing is the quickness at low-cost and with scorn to the people. Consume with responsibility, recycle and don’t pile things in the trunks, you only have one life, live it with consciousness.

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