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What are the products kilometre 0?

What are the products kilometre 0?

The vast majority of our purchases are food, that is why it’s important to take into account what we consume and the ecological footprint these products leave. The transportation of these products many times means a huge impact, bigger than their production.

The products kilometre 0 are those which have travelled less than 100 km until they end up on your plate.

To know the origin of the products that arrive on our table it is necessary that it’s shown on the label, something that, unfortunately, doesn’t always happen.

The advantages of consuming aliments of Km 0 are various, among the main ones:

1. As there are less intermediaries the distribution of the earnings is fairer.
2. The emissions of C02 are reduced in the transportation of the products.
3. When choosing these products you help the local economy.
4. These aliments taste better.
5. They defend the native biodiversity and stop the invasion of species.
6. And almost the most important thing, you help the strengthening of the primary sector and slow down the fires as the fields are taken care.

To find these type of products you have got various options: you can go to the local markets, where there aren’t intermediaries or just a few of them, get rid of some products of our diet, generally, certain types of fruit that because of their characteristics aren’t produced in the climate we live in and analyse the information on the labels related with the origin of the aliments.

In conclusion, us consumers have more power than what we thought, with our purchases decisions or demanding measures which support some products instead of others, we will mark the path to companies and institutions.

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