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Peña La Vieja Ice Creams, 80 years of history

Peña La Vieja Ice Creams, 80 years of history

Peña la Vieja Ice Creams is placed in Las Canteras beach promenade, Nº: 50 in the capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

This year 2016 it’s the 80 anniversary of the family tradition of the handicraft ice-cream parlour. Since 1936 they freshen our throat in the summer and sweeten our life with their traditional flavours.

Each season they gift us new types of ice creams, they risk in the making, offering us new colours and shapes. The innovation is a brand that characterises them and makes them pioneers in this industry in the Canary Islands. The Indian tuno or the shortbread cookie are one of the distinguishing references.

Its location, in the middle of Las Canteras beach promenade, has allowed them to turn into a mandatory visit for any warm morning, afternoon of meetings or an evening out.

In many restaurants of the island they normally have as a dessert a mini version of their ice creams, a flavour combination for everyone’s taste.

Therefore, talking about Peña La Vieja Ice Creams, is mentioning our island’s history, of our culinary culture.