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The love of horses to take care of our world

The love of horses to take care of our world

Hipona – Zaida Project’s main objectives are to promote knowledge and respect for animals, people and nature.

For the first time in Gran Canaria, they are implementing an equine rescue, rehabilitation and awareness project.

One of those ways they have to help people who also do their bit to have a better world, is to give away the manure that their horses generate for free.

Said manure is transferred to farmers in our region; so that they do not have to pay for it, since said product is expensive.

Some of their tasks are the Rescue of Horses and their rehabilitation and insertion in life in semi-freedom; Horse-Assisted Therapies, from a new approach where animal welfare is prioritized, and Nature Conservation work on the island of Gran Canaria.

Normally, great ideas or projects are subject to selling something, getting society to buy a product, an experience… At Hipona Proyecto Zaida, they want to “turn the tables” and start building a dream with the clear objective that their work helps to achieve wealth.

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