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Goodbye summer… Hello autumn.

Goodbye summer… Hello autumn.

We like summer, of course we do, but we were already looking forward to autumn. Let the season of spoon dishes, game products, apples, chestnuts, walnuts, lamb… and with the first rains, dandelions arrive.

Many people ask me, but what are dandelions? What do they taste like? Well, they are a weed species, common in pastures and abandoned farmland in the midlands and peaks of the northern half of the islands. When the rains start it is very easy to find them, we can find them in the northern half of the island in places like El Montañon, between San Mateo and Cruz de Tejeda, Moya, Valsequillo, Tenteniguada, Cueva Grande, Macizo de Amurga… although I can say that I have also found them in the south of the island. But if it is true, always above 500 m altitude.

And what do they know? To me they taste like “my house” or “my father”, well it’s a feeling, since in my house in season it is and was a typical dish. So that you can understand their flavor and taste sensations, they are quite similar to watercress or arugula, with that spicy point.

For those who do not know what we use them for, as a general rule, it is for making dandelion stew.

Take a pencil, paper and write down, today I rescue the recipe for Lola Massieu’s dandelion stew: 

1kg of dandelions, 3kg of pink-eyed potatoes, 1/2 k of butter beans (from the land), 1 large onion, 2 medium tomatoes, oil, ¾ of bacon, water and salt.

Soak the beans from the day before and the rest, all clean and cut to the size that we like, leave on the fire until a stew is generated.

But the most important thing is that the dandelions must first be blanched to remove that point of bitterness.

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You already have it ready, you just need a little gofio on top, a piece of cheese and enjoy it. By the way, an addition that my mother adds, some salty ribs of black pig… and this is finger-licking good.

Who’s up to cook?

If you don’t dare ask, because there are still some mid-range restaurants that make it great.

Happy autumn!!!