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The peace in Cris Walros’ creative self-portraits

The peace in Cris Walros’ creative self-portraits

Cristina lives nowadays in the island of Tenerife, she is a 26 years old artist who creates self-portraits. She started 8 years ago by accident, she told us.

“I wasn’t interested in photography nor Photoshop editing, but I was there trying to recreate a Tumblr’s photo.”

Something awoke inside of her in that moment, she felt curious to keep experimenting with photography and to show this story of her first creative portraits.

Meanwhile she was studying in the college something that was completely out of what she does artistically, she almost dropped her studies to start something more related to her photography. 

During those years, she remembered going through bad times and she decided to stop creating. In fact, she thought she won’t be able to take more photos anymore, but during this last year she has connected again with her creative side of portraits.

Her work is principally in digital format. She makes photos and then she edits them on Photoshop or Lightroom to turn them into magic scenarios full of peace and tranquility.

The person behind her photos is herself, she doesn’t need any help, it’s something completely self-managed… “Do it Yourself”.

But that’s why she loves to sketch her own ideas, choose the colors, the outfit she is going to wear or even the make up and the hairstyle she is going to wear.

She considers self-portrait as something intimate, a moment alone with herself which she loves to take it calmly (that’s why every session is unique).

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She ended: “I love to live and to enjoy every single moment of this creative process because I’m confident this will be influenced in the final result”.

She is the owner of many future projects like exhibitions, opening her own online store, and a small photography workshop…

But the project she likes the most is to make a living out of her own art and not only to share her art but influeting her own followers with it.

All her art i son her Instagram: @criswalros